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Locations Netherlands

Our laboratories in Heerenveen and Wijhe focus on microbiological and chemical analyses. The Eurofins Carbohydrate Competence Centre is located at our Heerenveen site. Fast, reliable contaminant and chemical tests are carried out at our Barendrecht site. Here, the focus is on a fast service for customers transporting goods through the Port of Rotterdam. At our Graauw site, we have over ten years of experience in dioxin and pesticide analyses.

Eurofins Food, Feed & Water Testing Netherlands also has five satellite laboratories in the Netherlands, in Zaandam, Boxtel, Groenlo and two in Helmond. The analyses are conducted under accreditation (L239).

Both the Carbohydrate Competence Centre and the contaminants laboratories also provide expertise for international customers.

Our Eurofins Food Safety Solutions experts are located in Deventer. These professionals provide accurate advice, consultancy services, audits (BRC/IFS), label checks and all kinds of specialist knowledge for the national and international food industry.

C-Mark, our expert in water analyses and water quality monitoring (drinking, process and swimming pool water), is also part of Eurofins Food, Feed & Water Testing Netherlands and is located in Deventer.