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In addition to carrying out analysis of a wide variety of food products, Eurofins can also collect your samples from any location you require in the Netherlands. Please contact Eurofins Off-site Operations if you would like your samples collected by our special Eurofins courier service.

Contact details:  
Eurofins Off-site Operations (OsO)
Telephone: +31 (0)800 099 11 80
Email: logistiek@eurofins.com

Sample collection:
Please provide the following information when you contact us to make an appointment for collection of your samples:

  • Your Eurofins customer number if you are already a Eurofins client
  • The name and address of your organisation
  • Contact person and contact details
  • Date/period during which the samples need to be collected
  • Time at which we can collect the samples
  • The number of samples
  • The type of samples
  • Refrigerated or non-refrigerated samples